Founded in 2012, the Capital Markets Development Institute (IDMC) is a non-profit Civil Association whose mission is to stimulate a greater insertion of Brazilian companies in the global Capital Markets scenario through the education and training of their their respective executives and shareholders, especially regarding the structure, processes, requirements, interests and opportunities related to this market (Article 2 – Bylaws of IDMC).

Based on the Capital Markets Management Group, a forum of Minas Gerais entities and companies dedicated to fostering the development of the capital market in the state, IDMC has been active between 2012 and 2017 with a dedicated focus in this region of the country as a Mining Institute of Capital Markets – IMMC.

In carrying out its role as promoter and articulator of the capital market in Minas Gerais, the IMMC has evolved in order to expand its borders and collaborate in the development of the capital market at the national level and for that purpose, it has become an Institute of Capital Market Development – IDMC.

In order to promote the capital market in Brazil and broaden the recognition of this market as an important business and economic development tool, IDMC operates through three fundamental pillars: education for capital market culture, mentoring and preparation of companies for operations in capital markets and integration of the Brazilian business community with the global investor market.

The IDMC promotes extensive programming of seminars, forums, immersion programs and international missions in order to broaden the interaction fronts of Brazilian companies with the international capital market.

Also noteworthy was the launch in 2017 of ELITE Brasil, a pioneering Latin American program to prepare companies for M & A and capital markets operations in partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group. The program, which already has more than 725 participants from 18 different countries in Europe and Africa, is the most successful experience of preparing SMEs for access to the capital market in the world.

IDMC Founders